Terms of Service
By joining ViralPaidAds.com, you must agree to the terms below:
•  You must use a valid and your own email address to sign up.
In addition, you can only create one account at ViralPaidAds.com,
If we found that you have owned more than one account at ViralPaidAds.com,
All of your accounts will be removed without notice.
•  You MAY NOT promote ViralPaidAds.com via spamming.
If we receive any spam conplaints due to your spamming,
your account will be removed without notice.
•  The minimun chashout is $10.00 USD, and we send your earnings via
Paypal or Paza once you have request to cashout.
•  You can cancel your account at any time,
but you will lose all of your credits and refarrals.
•  ViralPaidAds.com reserve the rights to modify this term of service
at any time if necessary.

Lastupdate: OCT 1, 2013 ViralPaidAds.com